Episode 38: Alexander Liberman’s Modern Life

A modernist through and through, Alexander Liberman was not only one of the greatest art directors in history –legendary for his decades-long reign as Editorial Director at Condé Nast– he was also a celebrated artist in his own right. In contrast to the bold, fabulous fashion of his Vogue shoots and editorials, his art was highly minimal — everything about him was devastatingly chic.


Vogue: Legendary Editorial Director Alexander Liberman’s Influence Endures

Artnet Profile

Galerie: The Extraordinary Influence of Alexander Liberman

The New Yorker: Alexander Liberman: A Definitively Modern Man

Beat — Alexander Liberman (1952)
Iliad — Alexander Liberman (1974–1976)
Minimum— Alexander Liberman (1949)
Untitled— Alexander Liberman (1961)
Untitled — Alexander Liberman (1961)
Continuous on Red — Alexander Liberman (1960)



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